The 6 Step Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

Professional Carpet Cleaning Madison Heights

Are you in desperate need of professional carpet cleaning?


Do you want your carpet cleaned and spotless with no hidden costs?


Every homeowner wants a spotless floor, but choosing the right professional carpet cleaners might seem like an intimidating task. If someone is coming into your home, they had better be trustworthy, and know what they are doing. While many other carpet cleaners like to add on hidden fees and squeeze you for as much as they can, the Art Van Clean Team believes in full transparency.


Our Guaranteed 6 Step Process goes like this:


1. Dry Soil Removal


The Art Van Clean Team is happy to provide vacuuming as a standard part of our service. We want your experience to be as easy and pain free as possible, and make sure you don’t have to lift a finger to get your home the way you want it. Heck, we even move most items of furniture for you! The other guys ask YOU to vacuum and do the work for them! 


2. Pre-Conditioning


To the Art Van Clean Team, a floor isn’t clean until it is cleaned wholly and correctly. Other cleaners will charge you to pre-treat stains and spills, but for us, it’s just a standard part of any floor cleaning! You asked to have a clean floor, and that’s what you get. No upselling or hidden fees. 


3. Agitation


Agitation is an important part of getting your carpets clean. With other companies, it’s a crap shoot. If they offer it (many don’t), they probably do it wrong using something called “rotary action”, which is outlawed by manufacturers, and not the correct method. We’re IICRC certified, which means we have the right methods, tools, and knowledge to get your home cleaned correctly, safely, and completely.


4. Extraction to Remove Soil & Rinsing


This is where most other companies start, and we have to hand it to them, they do get this one right. Sort of. To be frank, one step just doesn’t do the job. The other guys work by washing with soap and rinsing with soap, which just doesn’t add up in our minds. We rinse your floor to make sure it’s as clean as it can be, with no residue left behind. 


5. Drying


The Art Van Clean Team is all about giving you and your family a great experience, and getting your home the way you want it. That doesn’t include disrupting your life by leaving a carpet wet for days or charging you extra to do it. Don’t let other carpet cleaning companies hold your room hostage! We offer carpet drying as a standard part of our work, to make sure your home is ready as soon as possible. 


6. Finish & Grooming


Cleaning is pointless if your floors and fabric aren’t protected. The other guys will do this for you, that is, if you’re willing to pay them an additional fee. Shouldn’t protecting your floors just be part of having them cleaned? We think so, which is why we happily offer to do it for no extra charge. 


So, what makes the Art Van Clean Team stand out from our competitors?


When you’re considering cleaning your carpet, remember. What other cleaning companies charge for, the Art Van Clean Team happily does for free.


We go over everything beforehand, making sure you get everything you pay for, and don’t get any unhappy surprises. 


Looking for More?


Check out for more great info about our team! We also have tons of info in our products and services, and offer great deals on the site to make sure you get the most for your money. Feel free to contact us at 1-844-282-5326 or contact us on the web at




The Art Van Clean Team provides the most thorough floor and furniture cleaning in the state of Michigan, and is happy to service various cities in our great state!


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