Ins and Outs of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Are you wondering if your carpet is actually clean?
Are you worried about bacteria, allergens, or worse?
Don’t worry! Carpet is a major investment, and it’s good to be concerned about your health and your carpet’s longevity.

First, a little history, and a common myth:

In the past, people only got professional carpet cleaning when they were visibly soiled. The common misconception was that they needed to wait as long as possible to clean their carpets because cleaning them caused them to soil quicker. The source of this first became popular when there were very limited ways to clean carpets. The most common method was to brush soaps made with coconut oil into the carpet and let it dry. This method left a sticky residue that attracted soil, and has not been used in the industry in years.
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Why clean carpets at all?

Carpet adds warmth, comfort, and feels good on bare feet. For most of us, carpet is the third largest home investment you’ll make. But because of all the traffic it encounters, it tends to get dirty! Routine cleaning is recommended by carpet manufacturers not only to maintain appearance, but to also promote a long life for your carpet. Soiling is the number one enemy of carpets! 
Did you know that the average piece of sand has around 25 cutting edges on it that work to break down carpet every time it’s it is exposed to traffic?  Modern carpets are designed to hide soiling, so by the time a carpet looks soiled on the surface, it may already be too late to reverse the damage.
Appearance is the biggest reason that most people clean their carpets. While dirty carpets are an embarrassing eyesore, carpet acts like a filter in the indoor environment by trapping soils, gases, human and animal dander. Excess buildup of soils in carpet may have an adverse effect on your indoor environment. Some spots and spills on carpet may permanently damage it and become stains if not removed as soon as possible. Carpet needs to be cleaned when it is actually soiled, not when it looks dirty!

How often should I clean my carpet?

Professional carpet cleaning is recommended for at least twice a year, but you may need to have it done more often, depending on your life style, number of pets, children, traffic flow, allergen concerns, and environmental changes.

Great! Now my carpet’s clean, healthy and spotless. But how do I protect it? 

Protection after professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended! Usually your carpet comes with protection from the factory, but use and cleaning wear it off. Having carpet protection applied every time you have a professional carpet cleaning is one of the most important ways you can make sure your carpet stays clean. Here are just a few more reasons why protection is best:
  • Reduces permanent stains
  • Helps prevent traffic lanes
  • Makes spots/spills easier to remove
  • Helps avoid costly service calls
  • Carpets stays cleaner for longer
  • Protects your investment

I understand that I should clean my carpet, but how exactly does cleaning work?

Art Van Clean Team has a unique six step six step cleaning program to provide you with the most through cleaning ever!
Professional Carpet Cleaning Troy | Professional Carpet Cleaning West Bloomfield
As you can see, Art Van Clean Team gives you the most thorough furniture and floor cleaning possible! No shortcuts. You have a right to expect fairness, courtesy, openness, and pleasant friendly service. All these little things make a big impression and give you both a superior experience and the most thorough cleaning ever!
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