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Art Van Clean Team Professional Carpet Cleaning Madison Heights Rewards

As a valued client we have created a wonderful loyalty program that allows you to earn cash back on every dollar you spend with Art Van Clean Team.  Remember to treat your Art Van Clean Team Gift and Reward Card as CASH.  Unlike a typical furniture and floor cleaning companies that gives you 20% off, cheap per room pricing or whole house specials, our gift and reward card is just like having cash in your hand and cash back on purchases.

Your Art Van Gift and Reward Card earns 10% cash back on your card that can be used the next time you use our service. In other words, if your paid service ticket is $200.00,  we put $20.00 back on your card.  It’s that simple.  Do you want to book your next appointment in advance? Earn another 10% or a total of 20% cash back on your card when you register your card.

Have you received an Art Van Gift and Reward Card as a gift? If so, we welcome the opportunity to provide an extraordinary service experience.  Redeeming your gift card is easy.  Just call our customer service department at 1-844-844-AV-Clean (844-282-5326) and schedule service.

Be sure to register your card at Registering your will do two things:
1.  These cards have CASH VALUE, you will want to register them with us.  If you ever misplace or lose your card, we can replace it at no charge.  

2.  By registering, you will receive unique special offers which are only available to Loyalty card members.




Art Van Clean Team Referral Rewards Program

Word of mouth advertising is an unpaid form of promotion in which satisfied customers tell other people how much they like a business, product or service. Source: Entrepreneur 

We’re putting a twist on that . . .

The purpose of the Referral Reward Card Program is to increase the Art Van Clean Team’s brand identity by providing a systematic referral framework to establish good will with your clients, family or friends.  For more information on how you can partcipate call 844-AV-Clean.  

Are you an Art Van Clean Team Referral Reward Associate?  Contact: or call 1-844-AV-CLEAN (1-844-282-5326) for more information on how to redeem points and order more cards

Do you want to see how many points you have?  Go to: www,



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